Anon Subs: Secrets

New secrets will be added to the top of the list when they are reviewed. All secrets and reactions are assumed to be sexual fantasy, fetishes, or taboos that are expressed amongst consenting adults and within the confines of local laws.

"I need you. You’re the perfect daddy for me. I want you to fuck me like your son and punish me. I want to be rewarded with your sweet cum. I want to fuck your face with my big cock and I want to you to fuck mine. I want to make out with you for hours sensually. We can role play and you can be my uncle or whatever. I also want to fuck your sweet dad ass too, the thought of cumming inside my daddy makes me want to go feral. I have the biggest loads ever."

Hey son. You sound sweet as fuck. I would love to fuck you, boy. Daddy is more of a sweet cuddly dad, but if you want daddy to punish you, then I'll come in your bed at night and start humping your tight hole. You'll get that cum in no time with your moans, son. And you know that after I'm done giving you my load, I'll worship your dick and balls. I love being on my knees servicing my hot son, and if you want an ass to practice on, you know you can use daddy's big huge ass any time as your personal fuck toy. I want you son. Come give me those big loads. I need it so fucking bad.

"My math professor in college fucked me in the bathroom stall while I was watching your content."

Oh fuck how did this come about? That is really fucking hot to know.

"Not much of a secret but I wanna breed you hard while I pinch your nips."

If you pinch em I probably won’t let you breed, lol. If you suck on them and tease them with your tongue, I definitely might.

"Macrophilia, especially extreme size differences... there's nothing more erotic than the thought of being ant size to a huge guy who may or may not be aware of you."

That’s really interesting! I have never thought about this. I like size differences but this level sounds like it's not for me. I'm glad you've found it as something you enjoy, though!

"I love your thick dick and big ass."

Hehe I’m glad you like it! Wanna touch it sometime?

"This actually happened but getting caught by a cop and having to suck and get fucked by the cop to get out of a ticket."

Oh fuck! That’s really kinky. I have never heard of something like that happening in real life. The fantasy is a big turn on.

"Dad and Son incest or brothers uncles grandpas."

Nice! I think incest fantasy is really fucking hot, as are age and size gaps in general.

"I like being called boy, honestly."

That’s really fucking hot. I do this often, especially if there’s an age or size gap between me and the person I’m playing with. Very very big turn on.

"I love being humiliated while being fucked."

Oh yeah? What about it turns you on? ;)

"Quiero mamarte el culo."

Puedes hacer lo que tu quieres conmigo. ;)

"I also absolutely love it when they each service my nipples."

I absolutely love my nipples serviced as well, so I know that feeling!

"My biggest turn in is when I get to sniff my partners' armpits. I love gooning while high on their musks."

Nice! A lot of people are very much into musk which I can totally appreciate. I tend to be on the opposite end. A freshly showered man is a huge fucking turn on to me.

"The thought of sucking you on the toilet makes me hard!"

What about it turns you on the most? :)

"My secret is that I want to be a cumdump or my partner to be a cumdump and one of us jo beside them."

That is always a big fucking turn on. I would love to experience either side of this tbh. ;)

"A secret I have is that I work at a clothing store, and I always check out the hot daddies that come in and want to change their shirt in front of me, and fantasize about one of them taking me into the dressing room and having their way with me. Would be super hot to be railed in the changing room with people around, trying to keep quiet while my hole is getting used by a sexy big bellied daddy."

Fuck I like the public piece to this. That’s really sexy! I would love to walk in on this changing room. It’d be hard not to join in on the fun. ;)

"Breed me."

Oh yeah? Show me what you got. ;)

"I want you to breed me and have cuddles afterwards."

That’s really hot. I could definitely be down. ;)

"I work in a clothing store and this sexy daddy came in to try on these very short shorts. His juicy ass and bulge were poking through and all I could think about was taking him into the changing room and sucking the life out of his dick."

Damn that’s very hot. Sexy dads are always full of cum and in need of a release. Sometimes all it takes is an open invitation!

"I think I want a threesome with you and I’ve fantasized one with you and my current boyfriend but I’m really not sure how he’d take that should I tell him. "

Well first off are you all in an open or closed relationship? Also, does your boyfriend know me? If not, maybe we should start by hanging out first and seeing if everyone is on the same page. If not, it’s a super hot fantasy that I’m sure would be fun to jerk off to. ;)

"I have a fantasy where you’re blindfolded with the door unlocked, and I come in and blow you until you cum, and I get up and leave."

I am very much open to being blindfolded hehe. Maybe that could happen sometime! ;)

"My old roommate and I were pent up after leaving a party with no one to bring home. We were in bed, and I realized he was hard. I asked him if he wanted some help with it, kinda as a joke. To my surprise, he didn't even answer me. Instead he pulled down his underwear and told me to get on my knees. Safe to say we had a very good night after that."

Fuck that is very fucking hot. I wish I had a hot roommate back in college. I definitely would have helped him out. I hope you both had a lot more fun together!

"I want to eat your farts. I jerk off to the thought of it <3"

Is that so? Tell me what got you into this! I don't know that I'd willingly be up for this, but am happy to hear you've found something that turns you on!

"You DMed me a long time ago, probably because I live near you, but I never responded. I check your following and see how naughty you are. I follow accounts from the list. I think it’s really hot and would like to meet up and do the things you imagine doing."

Nice! Do you know what I’m into? A lot of people assume based on who I follow back that I’m into a particular kink or taboo. The truth is it's typically more about me being into the person who is into that. I have some kinks and taboos that are out of the mainsteam, but I also have limits.  :) DM me sometime.

"I used to suck off straight guys in the handicapped stall in high school lol"

Nice! I didn’t have any gay experiences until college, but I do remember a guy offering to blow me in high school once. I was too nervous. In retrospect I should’ve started earlier!

"Me and my cousin like to mess around sometimes, we havent met up yet but I cant wait to next time he visits."

Fuck that’s pretty hot. How did it start? I think cousins fucking around is really fucking hot.

"I wanna eat your ass."

My ass hasn’t been eaten in so long. I’d be down! I love feeling a tongue on my hole. ;)

"I’ve Wanted To Get With You Since I Seen You."

Is that so? Have you been in my DMs yet? ;)

"I want to see you tied and gagged so bad."

What part turns you on the most? The fact that I’m tied up or the fact that someone else would be in control?

"I know I’d be able to get you off better than anyone else. I’d tie you down and tease your nipples all day and edge you the entire time you are tied up. You’d be begging to cum but become so addicted to the pleasure from being teased that you’d never want it to end."

I’d have to see this play out in person. ;)

"I seriously wish I had a chance with you. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a guy. I love that you’re reserved. You’re the perfect guy and if I had a chance with you, I would take it."

Thank you! I hope one day I get to meet you!

"My roommate jokes about domming me in the bedroom all the time because he thinks it's funny. Little does he know I jerk off to that exact fantasy every night, less than 4 feet away from him sleeping."

That is fucking hot. I hope one day your roommate gets to dom you because why not just live out the fantasy.

"Love nifty. I fantasize about my ex’s cock. I’m married to another man now and want to take the seed from my ex again. And he wants me to also."

Nice! Nifty is a great place to fantasize. Would your man ever let you get seeded again from your ex? Would it turn you on if they were all in the bed with you?

"I had sex with my brother's best friend and I didn't know he had a boyfriend. They're in a open relationship but I still feel weird because he didn't say anything about sharing a bed with someone already. He's still with this person but still wants to keep fucking me. Should I even give him the time of day?"

Oof tough, because this could get messy really quick and really fast. I generally say unless everyone is okay with it and is aware, it’s probably not best to pursue.

"You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. I’d love to play with your feet and tie you down and edge you for hours."

Thank you! My feet are super sensitive so you’d definitely have to work your way to them, hehe. Might I suggest my nipples as a starting place? ;)

"I regularly fantasize on your page about sharing my two trans men with you to fuck and please with your mouth and then fuck you while you eat their holes."

I would love to be inside them and make them moan and cum. You can breed me and then I’ll breed them. That sounds so amazing.

"I really think that you are the hottest guy ever. I feel like we would have such hot sex. I’d love to nibble on your nipples and edge you for hours."

Suck on my nipples and kiss me and I’ll shoot all over your stomach. ;)

"Come to San Antonio so we can have a real nice time together ;)"

Oh yeah? Can I suck on you? ;)

"You are so Sexy! Hopefully I see you when I come to Texas so we can have fun and you can show me around."

That sounds amazing. I would love to have some fun with you! ;)

"I want to sit on your face while you eat me out for hours and then continue on your dick while you destroy my hole for a few more hours."

Let’s do it. I love to have my face sat on and love to eat hole. Then I can fuck you and fill you up with my daddy cum. ;)

"I want you."

I want you too. ;)

"I’m a down low guy 20 year olds and my fantasy is having you and letting you do whatever to me."

Sounds fucking hot. I wanna blindfold you and do some body worship on you before I start teasing your cock with my hand and tongue. Your balls will feel amazing when I worship them. Then your hole. If you want my cock in it I’ll give it to you. Otherwise I’ll milk your cock and swallow your load. ;)

"I wanna fuck you."

and I want to be fucked really bad. Breed me or cum down my throat? ;)

"I want to feel on your body and cock so bad thinking about it as I lay with my significant other."

Yeah? Want me there instead of him, or want me there with him? Can we kiss and make out? Touch my cock and body all over? Make me feel good? ;)

"I jack off to yours videos very often. I love hearing your voice and I wish we could jack off together, where you are my big bro teaching me how to do it."

I’d love to teach you how to stroke your big boy cock while we make out. ;)

"I am a vers that can come multiple times while being the bttm and everytime I give big loads."

We should definitely play. ;)

"I was at the thrift store earlier today and seeing all the used pair of underwear hanging on the racks made me so horny. The smell of the used underwear gave me a nice hard chub. I took a couple of pairs from both the men and girls section and “tried” them on and hanged my own used underwear on the rack. I even left some nice piss and precum stains on them for others to enjoy."

You should send me some cummed in undies sometime. That is fucking hot.

"I dreamt about you for a whole night this week. We fucked each other in every single position imaginable and I still think about this when I jack off."

Damn. I hope you came a lot. This sounds amazing.

"I had sex with an older cousin of mine. Would you do the same?"

Definitely. Hopefully making out would happen. Fucking hot.

"I ended up sucking a guy's dick without knowing that he had a fiancé. I felt so guilty and told the fiancé. Instead of the fiancé getting mad at me, I ended up sucking his dick too. It was crazy but a fun time."

Aww hehe. This sounds really fucking hot. It’s nice to know you’ve tasted both of them. ;)

"I fuck my half brother pretty regularly. Each time it’s literally the most amazing sex ever."

Damn. I would love to see this tbh. Do y’all make out? Fuck. When did this start?

"My husband’s stepdad sends me dick pics and wants to “make me his whore” sometime."

You wanna be his whore? This is really fuckin hot. Want your husband to know or want it secretly? What if you could have dad and son? ;)

"I grew up in a small Texas town, and I absolutely have a huge thing for country boys. One of my fantasies is to fool around with a country boy out in the woods lmao. I don’t know what it is, but when I see a boy in boots and a hat, I lose all sense about me!"

Mmm you and me both. Country boys are fucking hot to me. ;) I go to the panhandle of Texas like once a year and typically find lots of hot dl guys in boots and cowboy hats.

"I have a buddy that tells his girlfriend he’s working late. The whole time I’m sleeping in his bed. Waking up cuddles and belly rubs and have great sex. He’s the sexiest bear I’ve met. He tells me how annoying his girlfriend is. Every time he comes to visit is the best time.  If his girlfriend only knew. lol. But I’m sure I’m not the only one he does that with. Oh well!"

That’s really hot. I love sexy bears in bed together. Even if it’s just for fun. :P

"I like this big bear that likes me too but he has a girlfriend. And he’s coming to stay a couple of days. Smh."

How did it go? Any chance y’all can play together? Gah the thought of some bears making out in front of me and licking on my nipples sounds so fucking hot. Can't wait for TBRU for this, tbh.

"I just got to know you recently, love the way you spread positive energy and make people happy and just realized the scar on your back, it's sad that you have to suffer the negative consequences of it, although I know these words are nothing and you already get over it, if only I had known you sooner. From now on I will follow you regularly :')) Love youu."

Thank you so much. You’re so kind and I appreciate the positive body comments. They're really nice to hear. :)

"I would love to see my partner sandwiched between us. Him sucking your dick or his ass on your face while we make out."

That sounds really hot. I’d love to be invited to a hot couple’s bed for some fun. and cum. ;)

"I have the biggest crush on you, but you're out of my league."

Nonsense. No leagues here. Say hi. :)

"I’ve never had intercourse with a man! I’ve only had oral with one guy more than a year ago! I must admit I find you really hot and attractive! I’d definitely love to eat your cute ass and fill it for hours. And I lust also admit lately you’ve been my only inspiration for countless cum sessions! Not only would I love to cum in that lovely mouth of yours, but I’d also like you to feel that sweet dick melt in my own mouth while rubbing that bellyThen kiss your cum back to you!!"

Fuck it’s been a while so I hope you got some more guy-on-guy action! Also, you should cum in some undies and send them to me anon. That would be super hot hehe. I love kisses of cum too. ;)

"Read this online from a father recapping his experience with his son. I jerked off so much to it. Thought you’d like it:

As fathers, how do we know if our boys are masturbating? As men, we have all been there, and as fathers we will just know: That is, extra time in the shower, extended time in the bedroom after school, perhaps bottles of lotion suddenly near the bedside, and cleanup paraphernalia accidentally left in sight. Many other tell-tale signs that there’s a little more going on behind that closed bedroom door and the hour-long showers. I caught on that my son was masturbating about a month after he first started. Suddenly, he was taking showers right after school, and he was spending noticeably longer periods of time in his bedroom on weekends. Dads just know these things.

So, I decided to have a talk with him. I had suffered through lots of guilt and confusion when I first started as a young teen, and a father/son “real talk” session could have saved me lots of strife. I planned the when and how of the conversation. I began after some quality, one-on-one time doing something physically active together. We went for a run, which was something we did from time to time. This allowed us to unwind and experience some bonding. This really set the stage for what I refer to as ““real talk.” We were outside cooling off on the back patio, unwinding with mundane conversation, and I interjected, “Guess we both need a shower. Btw, you sure take longer in the shower these days. That’s part of getting older. I understand that, and I understand about the extended time in your room. I did the same, kiddo, and I’ve been meaning to talk to you about it.” This seems aggressive perhaps, but the ice has to be broken. It’s all about timing. There we were, covered in sweat, relaxed and winding down. The best timing. And, yes, he looked like a deer in the headlight when I mentioned the shower and bathroom. But, it had to be presented like this. I immediately reassured him by shifting gears: I giggled, patted him on the back, and said “Every man under the sun has to learn someway or another what their penis can do besides pee. Know what I mean?”

He nodded his head, smiled, and held his hand near his face to cover his blush. I did the same gesture while stating “I’m kind of embarrassed too, because you’ve found me out now as well.” I then clarified that we were on the same page. “Son, you know what I’m talking about, right? Masturbating or better known as jacking off.” He nodded and smiled with that blush again. I proceeded to take the lead by assuring him that I, too, discovered it at his age, and how it scared the crap out of me the first time! He let out a hard laugh. “You too” I asked? He nodded once again, laughing even harder. I proceeded by pinpointing in a lighthearted way the different phases of ejaculation. He opened up, and actually confided in me by sharing that he was worried about his ejaculate. It had commenced from clear to murky. I told him that mine did the exact same thing, and that it would begin to turn white and thicken up over time. By now, he was relaxed and relieved, it appeared, that what he was doing was not only not a dirty secret, but completely normal. He asked me if I still masturbated, and how often. I answered him honestly. He asked when the last time was that I did, and I told him. To keep him open, I asked him the same. I even added, “I’ll tell you when the next time will be: Once I hit the shower! Now go get cleaned up for dinner, and this is between us.” I could see the relief on his face, and we were closer than ever before. I was an open door for him to come to later when the more advanced questions came concerning girls, sex, then women, and eventually, marriage. These talks are the epitome of fatherhood…"

Fucking hot. I enjoyed this story very much. ;)

"I would love for you to come to my city and just fuck me nonstop, and then spend the rest of the day in bed cuddling naked."

Want me to breed you, boy? That sounds fucking hot. I’d love to tongue your hole and make you cum and then give cuddles to you.

"I sent you a video you of myself once and i hope one day i can recreate it for you live. the thought of you sucking on my nipples while you jack me off has me rock hard and leaking right now."

I would love to suck on your nips and jerk your hard cock off. I can’t wait to taste your cum hehe. ;)

"I would love to perv out with you sometime. Get real verbal and share secrets and stories. Edge our cocks and make eachother cum."

Sounds fucking hot! I would love to pull my cock out and jerk off with you. Hit me up on snap or telegram sometime. ;)

"On my last day of high school in 2017, i and another friend who was my fwb went into the restroom and we kissed, made out and sucked each other off. When we started to kiss and suck each other’s cocks, there was no one there, but as soon as things got heated up, all of a sudden the restroom started to get really busy and we quietly kissed, made out and sucked each other’s cocks and after he cummed into my mouth we waited for the restroom to get empty and we both returned to class really really late. I was in the restroom for nearly 20 minutes I believe, but being that it was the last day I did not care at all what the teachers thought or had to say so when I walked back into class, I had not realized that I had a big dry cum stain on my black shirt. Throughout the remaining time we had left of that class, I kept wondering why my teacher kept starring at me and it wasn’t until I went to my last class of the day that I saw the dry cum stain. When I saw it I just licked it clean. We tried to have sex in school for at least 3 months but every time we tried to have sex, there was always something stopping us. He’s the same guy that I told you about in another secret submission about us hooking up while he and his girlfriend was pregnant and expecting."

Damn. I wish I had those sexual experiences growing up. It’s so hot knowing some of these dudes had gfs and you’d make out and play with their straight cocks. Makes me want that cum hehe. Very hot.

"I love freeballing and jerking off in public so much! I’ve gone to the mall, grocery stores, school and to the park with a hard on and I absolutely love all of the stares that I receive. I especially love jerking off and going freeballing in sections and stores that pertain to [redacted]. [redactions related to details of the store/clientele]. I’ve jerked off at the mall parking lot in full view of everyone and I've driven around naked many times. The rush of possibly getting caught makes me so hard! Have you ever jerked in public? "

I have jerked off at work in the bathroom, in my car, and sometimes will get naked and drive around. I love public play. I think it’s fucking hot. I usually cum to guys playing in public or cumming solo in public. I love getting videos of guys being horny in public. ;)

"I’ve always had a thing for cowboys and country boys. Huge boot fetish here. I grew up wearing boots so going to [boot store] and Boot Barn was a regular thing for me. But when I started driving and going out on my own, I’d visit the western store to shop for boots and my cock would be leaking. As I walked down the boot aisles. One time I was so fucking turned on, I took a pair of new boots and the try on boot socks, went to the fitting room and rubbed one out. My load was so thick and creamy. And cumming into the sock that other booted men wore was even hotter."

Damn. Kinky fucker. I love the thought of your horned up cock in public, though. ;)

"One of my straight friends was dating a chick but met me and was attracted to me. We talked for the longest time and we hanged out together a lot. We joked around and drank and had fun together. One day they broke up and was drinking alone and he hit me up to drink with him. He was buzzed but felt that I should be there to take care of him not to drink his feelings away. I went and saw him. We drank and talked and chatted about secret loves and he told me he actually wanted to kiss me. I don’t know what made me kiss him but the next thing i knew my lips were with his and were kissing for a good minute. We got closer and I told him I always did love you and i do still now. We began stripping each other getting more comfortable with our naked bodies together and I felt his cock throbbing. We were smelling each other’s pheromones to the point that we were intoxicated with each others smell. Every sniff came a throb and a bit of precum. I wasn’t really sure where it was going but next thing he did made me want him to fuck me. Lick every inch of me to please me. I did the same thing but added deep throating his thick hispanic cock. Smelling the testosterone from his skin. I felt that he needed to get more comfortable and grabbed his hand and said use me to your desire. I am your pup. And he grabbed my head and forced me to deep throat every inch of his cock. I couldn’t breathe but I enjoyed knowing he was controlling me and when it came to him coming he came deep inside my mouth leaving me full of his masculine juices in my mouth to swallow. He then said its your turn to cum. I was on my knees jacking off till he came to my cock and licked my balls to the tip of my cock i came instantly in his mouth and came to kiss and swap cum. We passed out cuddling and woke up hungover and horny again."

Wow. This is incredible. What an experience between you two. The feral passion between men. Did it stop or did you all continue? HOT.

"We jerked off together once for a little bit on snapchat and we got very verbal. Did some father son roleplay. It was so hot but we didn’t finish; you just left. I’ve wanted to do it so bad with you again ever since. You wouldn’t reply to me after. Was bummed cause we were having a hot ass time."

Dammit I’m sorry I probably edged myself too long and had to cum, or had to run off to do something else. I love a good role-play session but hardly have time to anymore. Maybe we can again sometime soon! A lot of people want to rp but I usually just don't have time anymore and I don't want to start something I can't finish. :[

"You sucked me off once and I jo thinking about it all the time."

I wish every time you jerked off to the thought you could cum down my throat. Send me a pair of undies anon with your cum in it? ;)

"I enjoy going on dirty roulette and jacking off with men across the world. Sometimes I would even do it while riding a dildo when I feel like it. I love it when men just tell me to keep going faster until I cum."

This is really fucking hot. I wanna see you jack your cock and touch yourself while you're naked. I'd be pawing on your balls and touching your nips while you stroke and ride that dildo. Cum for me boy. 😈

"I'm still somewhat a virgin. I have only ever made out with another man and I have done some light, over the clothes petting. I have still yet to meet with that one guy who can consider me attractive, calm my overthinking nerves, be my first, and help me explore all the kinky and fun orgasmic ways of playing and getting off."

Take your time. I had the same experience as you, and only until I was 20 did I do any sort of anal play. The rest of the time it was all touching, and eventually I started doing oral. Sexual Performance Anxiety is a real thing, and I can tell you that I still have it, especially with new sexual partners and when trying to top. Do what makes you feel good.

"You gave me head a few years ago and it was such a hot time. I still think about it sometimes jerking off."

Wow that's very hot that you still get off to it. I mean, I could always suck it again so that we could both re-live the experience. We should get back in touch. 🥵

"I'm visiting Austin and want to pound you and leave your hole leaking."

This is hella hot, and while I'm not in a position to host at this time, I would DEFINITELY be open to this happening soon. Next time you're in Austin, DM me. 😈

"One day I'm going to cheat on my boyfriend. I'm waiting until I find an 18-19 year old smooth chubby man with an 8 incher to make it worth it."

What makes you want to cheat on your boyfriend? Are you a chaser, or are you looking for something different than who/what your boyfriend is? I think we should all have fun, but I also hate to see people get hurt when they're in a relationship. If you want sex with someone other than who you're with, tell them that.

"I really want you babe"

Mmm now you're talking. DM me that and let's see what we can get going on hehe. ;)

"I like to have public sex like bjs or getting fucked and always wanted too do it in a public restroom or anything public but I sadly dont get much chance to do it."

How come you don't get the chance? Public fun can be super fucking hot. I love it hehe.

"I miss hooking up understall with another student at my university."

Oof you're telling me. I miss gloryholes and meeting up with dudes in the bathroom stalls for makeout and blowjob sessions. It was always hot sucking a guy and trying to swallow/lick up all the cum to avoid any evidence hehehe.

"When I was in high school, me and a guy were fwb. The relationship with him was on and off, but stopped completely when we graduated and he went to college. In college he met this girl and after sometime, he had a kid with her earlier this summer. Despite having a kid and having a girlfriend, earlier this year in the summer. He sent me a Snapchat message asking to hook up and we did."

Damn. Tell us about him. What's he like? Did his look change from high school to college to being a dad? Is he still hot to you? Does he kiss when yall fuck? Have yall hooked up more than once since then? What all do yall do? Sorry for all the questions, just hot to know a dad is getting it from you haha. I'd love to know more so feel free to add more details. ;)

"I would like to hook up with you."

If we hooked up, what would we do? 😏

"I’ve cheated on my husband with so many guys. Nothing romantic but super raunchy hookups like in a car or in a public bathroom or on a park bench." -MarriedSoloFun

Super interesting! What about the cheating gets you off? Is it the act, is it the sex, is it doing something different with somebody new? Are the guys you hook up with also married, or are they younger or older than you? When you cum, do you ever have any regrets, or do you stay in the moment with the guys you're playing with? Would love to learn more.

“One night me, my bf, and our friend went out drinking for the night and got pretty drunk. Our friend ended up staying at our place and passed out on the couch. In the middle of the night my bf got horny and started sucking my dick as I slept. I woke up and started sucking is dick. After a while of some oral fun, I flipped him on his back and started fucking him. We knew our friend was in the next room, but we didn’t care too much thinking he was still passed out. So I start pounding my bf’s ass. His moaning just made me fuck him harder and harder. We’re having a hot time when all of a sudden our friend walks in, naked, and hard as a rock. I kinda start to slow down. My bf and I look at each other then at our friend and without a second later he walks up to my bf and shoves his dick in his mouth. Here’s the best part...I start fucking my bf hard again and he’s taking our friends cock deep down his throat. At this point I’m not sure how much longer I can hold on to my load. Seeing my bf sucking our friends cock was such a turn on. I can’t hold on any longer and I cum deep inside of him. That must have turned on our friend, because he shot his load down my bf throat without warning. He was nice enough to return the favor to my bf; sucked him off and swallowed his load too. Kept playing around for months until he moved away.”

VERY HOT. Fuck, y’all must’ve been fucking loud though. What did y’all expect? haha. Did y’all fuck again in the morning? I feel like after the first round of fucking, it changed the dynamic of the friendship. Was everyone still cool with one another? I’m super turned on by this story and would love to be caught or to catch friends fucking, and get cummed on hehe. Very hot story, thank you for sharing. ;)

“I love to take charge.” -TakeCharge

Fuck yes. Are you younger or older than me? Thinner or bigger? Shorter or taller? The idea of a smol boi taking charge of me and making me suck his big pp is a big fantasy, but I also love the idea of an older stronger guy dominating me as well. Grrr. 🐻

“Next time I’m in Austin I want to eat, fuck, and breed that beautiful ass of yours multiple times. With plenty of cuddles in between of course.”

pls pls pls pls. I want that so bad. I wanna taste your cock and cum and get some kisses, too. DM me and send me some cummie undies in the meantime until you’re in Austin! 😋

“You're so hot, that I could fuck with you till our cocks fall off. Just fill each other's butts with cum all damn day.”

I would love to fuck until I passed out with cum in/on me! Send me cum filled condoms or undies for me to jerk with? I would love that so much. My address is in the contact section. ;)

"I messed around with my friend’s dad one time when i stayed over one night, and the morning after he acted like normal as if nothing had even happened between us. It was hot as fuck, but I was so disappointed it never happened again." -FriendsDadFun

Fuck! How old were you and how old was he? That is so fucking hot. How did this happen? We need more details! What all went down and where? Did y’all make out at all? I would feel hella turned on in this situation, but I’d also feel like I’d want to do it again, especially if it was hot and fun. Did your friend ever know? ;)

“I secretly spoke with a guy who was really into me. We met up and he fucked me for four hours straight whilst trying to be cautious about his roommate coming home, but of course, we got caught and I got kicked out.” -CaughtByRoomies

Whoa this sounds hella risky but hot! Did you know he was inviting you to fuck and lived with roommates?  I want to have roommates but I also know I’m such a horny fuck, and would hate to hide my fun or plan around their visitors haha. I’d rather fuck out in the open, but the potential of getting caught is super hot. Did either of you cum? What did his roommates say? :P

"[I want] to cum in guy's ass as I put all my weight not caring if he can breath[e] or not till I'm finish[ed] fucking"

Ooh a true power top fucking! Are you a bigger guy? Would you want the guy to be the same size as you or smaller in height or weight? I definitely love size differences, big turn on.

"My best friend told me that he was sexually aroused when he first met me. We once got drunk and horny that we hooked up in his room while a party was going on. No one noticed the hour long disappearance."

I bet that sexual energy was so strong. Glad he told you how he felt! And are yall still close now? 🤓

"I have jerked off to you edging at night. I finish in my underwear. I want to breed you."

This is so hot. Would you send me the pair of undies that you cum in? I'd rub my cock on 'em 😏. Would be hot to get bred, too. DM me? 😈