AMA: Answered

New questions will be added to the top of the list when they are answered. All questions and answers are assumed to be sexual fantasy, fetishes, or taboos that are expressed amongst consenting adults and within the confines of local laws. 

"Are you familiar with ABDL? I would definitely like to put that fat ass in a diaper."

Hehe second ABDL question! I have no experience, but am typically eager to please and support someone’s sexual fantasy where I can.

"Can I come to you and sit on your face? "

Definitely. I would love to eat your ass as long as you'd like.

"Why are you so damn sexy and when can we cuddle?"

Hehe thank you, and have you DM’d me yet?

"Are you into pups?"

Definitely, but I don't have any experience handling or being a pup myself. I love the hoods and the kind of mystery that's associated with the mask.

"What was the hook-up you wish you never had?

I think it probably was one with a guy that started to fuck me and then stopped because they could not get over my scar on my back, and just abruptly stopped and left. That made me feel terrible. I’m less self-conscious about it now, but it still was not cool.

"How pervy are you?"

I would say more kinky and pervy than some, but not as pervy as others. I don’t like seeing others get taken advantage of, and I think consent is pivotal. Definitely have limits. Thanks for asking - I get this question a lot since I tend to do a lot of followbacks. Followbacks don't mean I condone what someone is into.

"Into diapers??"

Personally no, but that’s mostly because I don’t have any experience at all with ABDL.

"Did your Snapchat get reported or something? It disappeared "

It got banned, and I don’t have the ability to create a new account. I’m sorry! I have telegram you can dm me on.

"Hi! I recently added you on snap and while I enjoy your sexy content a lot I’d also like to be friends with you as well. I don’t live in Texas, but are you open to long-distance/online friendships?"

Hey there! I am very much open to friendships online! I don’t have Snapchat anymore, but am always open to DM!

"If I decide to visit Texas for the first time, would you be open to showing me around and having fun afterwards?"

Sure, as long as we got to know each other beforehand. If you haven’t already, say hi!

"Can you tell us about your first time?"

My first time was actually with a girl heh. I was 16-17 and after lots of blowjobs, I finally fucked her and took her virginity. It felt amazing and is part of why I’m so open today to topping trans guys. It felt great!

"Ever come through Amarillo?"

Usually about once or twice a year!

"Did you ever go back to the massage place you got a handjob at?"

Hehe I’ve been to several different places since, but that guy no longer works there. I wish he was there. I’d even pay for the extra special service, hehe.

"Whats your IG username?"

Ask me that in a DM! I typically like to keep blissfulscruff separate and apart from my personal life. The two sometimes collide but typically blissfulscruff is a way for me to share sexual fantasy versus reality. Some people get to know both sides of me, though! 

"What are your thoughts on incest?"

From a fantasy prospective, I’m pretty open minded and think this is very fucking hot. From a real life prospective, it’s easy to complicate any relationship with sex, and I feel like that would be tough to overcome with someone familial. That said, if everyone is able to consent and is interested, I say go for it.

"Fav food?"

Anything really! Always up for trying new food.

"Not a question but I think you're a cool guy and I know we'd be good friends.  If we lived by each other we'd have so much pervy fun together."

Hey thanks! I bet we would. It's nice to be able to share your interests/kinks with someone openly and also respect them as a person. I hope I meet some more people like that IRL sometime. I hope you do, too! :)

"I don’t really have a question. I just wanted to drop in to say hi and tell you how beautiful you are."

Hey there! Thank you for saying hi. You're really kind. It means a lot to say that. Thanks for making this bigboi feel special. :)

"Do you like thinking about your dad's cock?"

I’m definitely not into my own dad sexually. It’s more the dad/son dynamic that turns me on, if that makes sense. I have had a few dreams about sucking off another family member, though. ;)

"Into panties?"

I’m open to em! ;)

"Biggest kink?"

Consensual age differences, body size differences, power dynamics switches, dad/son/bro, and oral service.

"Would you be down to come cuddle and suck the cock of a 22 year old chubby guy in Riverside who loves your page?"

Sounds fucking hot. Feed me your cum.

"Do you like Twerking?"

I can’t twerk but don’t mind being on all fours. ;)

"I'm big on twerking on a guy to turn him on. Is that something that gets you hard? Or do you want to be the one who does the twerking?"

I don’t twerk but would gladly get twerked on. ;)

"Have you suck a dick while the dude was eating you out? Or other way around?"

Yes I have done this with a couple before, and I love it. Tag teaming is fun.

"Have you ever sucked dick from the back?"

Yes and I enjoy it a lot. Love worshiping hole, balls, and cock from behind.

"Where are you from?"

I’m from Texas, born and raised. ;)

"How are you doing Babe? Just letting you know your one My favorite people I follow on Twitter!"

You’re very kind, thank you! I’m doing okay, I really appreciate the kindness and support.

"Do you have plans going on vacation?"

Usually not, but I typically go to Dallas once a year either for TBRU or just to hang out with friends. That’s your best chance to see me tbh. :)

"Would you like to have a boyfriend sometime? Or like an open relationship? You look so fkn adorable."

I would really like this in whatever form it took. The idea of being intimate and having a special bond with someone is very desirable. Whether it’s open or not is something we can look into. Ultimately I want my partner to be happy and fulfilled. And thank you. :)

"Would you hook up with DL, dads or bicurious?"

All the above. DL/Anon/NSA, Dads, and Bi-Curious dudes are all welcome to use my mouth. ;)

"Would you want to join my cousin and me?"

Very much so. That’s fucking hot. ;)

"I just want you to record a voice video of what you want guys to do to you. I just want to hear that sexy voice."

I haven’t done these in a while. Let me know if you want me to make a personal one for you. ;)

"What’s your favorite time to jerk off?"

Either right before bed or just as I wake up. I’m usually ready to cum during either of those times hehe.

"What do you like to do when you first meet up with someone?"

Kiss. Kissing is extremely important. Anything that leads to physical touch and intimacy.

"When are you coming to nyc? Id love to meet up and hang?"

I’ve only been once but it’d be nice to come up and hang out.

"Let’s jack off"

Sounds hot hit me up with your snap or telegram. ;)

"Have you ever fucked a pussy before? If so what’s tighter? Pussy or a guys ass?"

I have! As a top I prefer pussy. A guys ass is definitely tighter, and since I have perform anxiety, I can sometimes lose my hardon a lot easier in someone super tight versus a wet pussy.

"What’s a guy have to do, to have you swallow his load?"

Send cummed in undies first to tease me. ;)

"How do you feel about me sitting on your chest feeding you my cock while I reach back to play with your nipples as you jerk yourself off?"

I feel like this is a great position, and I’d be leaking precum as I service your cock and my nipples get played with. You’d definitely make me cum this way.

"Does a guy being in an open relationship turn you on?"

I'm not necessarily turned on by the idea as much as I find it hot and attractive that the guy has autonomy over himself to find/get what he needs out of life, sexually. That is hot.

"Have you ever jerked off in public?"

I have! One time when craigslist was a thing, a guy invited me over to jerk off in the front of his house. Things escalated and we moved from the house to the middle of the street underneath a light pole. It was SUPER risky, and I ended up sucking him off and getting cummed on. Public play is fucking hot. I love to touch my cock in pools, too. ;)

"I have a huge boot and leather fetish. I've seen your cowboy boots. Many times I've thought about taking a sniff of them and cumming inside them. Such a turn on. Would you ever be down for that??"

If cum is involved, I am definitely down hehe. I've never had an experience with boots being a part of sex, but I di have one where a guy humped me and almost fucked me while he was wearing nothing but his sneaks. That was fucking hot.

"Which do you like better: Sucking cock or eating ass?"

Oof really tough choice. I love sucking cock because I get the satisfaction of a really nice load at the end, so I would say that wins -- but I also REALLY enjoy eating an ass. Smooth, hairy, little, or big, I love making out with a hole. I also love sucking FTM cock. Anytime I am anywhere near precum or cum, it makes me want to lap it all up. 🥵💦

"Are you Latino?"

Yes. :)

"Why are you so addicting?"

What about me is addicting to you? Is it looks, what I like, what I'm open to? I'm curious. 😇

"Why are you so adorable?

Hehe you're sweet. I'm just a big guy with a big heart and a very kinky/open-minded alt side. 😈

"I want you to use me. I mean REALLY use me. I want to be on my knees while you fuck my mouth, slap your dick across my face, pour wax on my back while I deep throat and worship your dick all while you stick your tongue down my throat and spit in my mouth and call me your 'dirty fucking slut'."

I love that you fantasize about me, this is a huge compliment. I'm usually not as dominant and forceful as your fantasy, but I could probably get into this for the right small/femboi. 😈

"Do you still use this? Lol"

Yes! I'm sorry I haven't updated it as regularly, but will do my best to get this going again!

"Would you get DP'd?"

Seeing as I haven't been fucked in more than a half a year, not right now - but I am definitely open to it. The idea of lots of cum all over me is a huge turn on. In me sounds great, too.

"Who on twitter has the sexiest cock?"

Haha, yall all have sexy cocks. I actually think cocks in general are super hot. Length is nice, but I'm a big fan of girth, too. I also love when the proportion of a guy's body doesn't necessarily match their dick size. That is always a nice surprise.

"Check your Snapchat, I'm in Austin visiting."

Damn I'm sorry I missed you. It had been a while since I hopped back on here. Been busy with life, but hoping to get more time to talk with people again. If you're ever coming to Austin, give me a heads-up as much as possible and I'll definitely try to meet up. Right now I'm in-between places, but that should change soon!

"Bondage bro- my cock slides along your ass crack as I pinch your nips feeling them firm up against my fingertips. You lean your head back in euphoria, your hair grazing my neeck...I'm ready to plow you, but first we must bind you."

Damn this is hot. I would be open to being more submissive and this sounds hella fun. Feeling your cock get hard on my hole would definitely have me wanting it.

"How hard and leaky is that cock after all these questions and secrets?"

VERY hard and leaky. 🥵 For those of you who don't know, just kissing me and getting my nips exposed to air makes me leak, so hearing about all the things that turn you all on definitely gets me going. 💦

"How do you like your nips played with and can you cum from just nipple play?"

LOVE my nips licked and sucked on. No biting, no hard pinching. Gentle rubbing on them works with kisses. I can definitely cum from nipple play and would love to have that experience soon - it's been too long.

"Who are your favorite pornstars?"

Pretty much any ginger, dudes with smooth bodies and big bushes, and fit thinner type dudes.

"What are your favorite positions?"

On my knees, on all fours, in your arms, you in my arms. Hehe. I love to switch it up. ;)

"What type of size differences are you into?"

Oof. I like all size differences. I like dudes who are smaller than me that wanna top me. Smaller dudes who wanna bottom. Taller guys who want to be small spoon. Smol guys / big pp. Basically any variance where I'm bigger or smaller are super hot to me.

"Ever pop a boner gettin a massage or during a physical exam? What's the most awkward boner story?"

During a massage, yes. You can read about that super hot experience here. ;) Never during a physical, though my doc is very hot. For the last question, are you kidding me? I always pop random boners and sometimes they're tough to hide hehe.

“If you wanted to do a four-way, out of everyone, who would the other three be?”

Ah man that’s such a tough question. I don’t have anyone in particular that I want to call out, but I would say that there would likely be a Ginger, a Smol Boi with a Big PP, a Latinx Guy, or a Pup. That's four different types, so here's hoping that they code-switch, otherwise, y'all down for an orgy? :)

“So I have an underwear fetish and find you really attractive. Would you ever be up for a pair of my used underwear? Would you send me a pic in your undies to unload for you in some?”

PLEASE. I have been practically begging my followers for a used/worn/cummed in pair of undies. I wanna rub them against my cock and feel the cum stain before licking it up. Fuck I love cum so much. I would love to send you whatever you need to send me a pair of undies. DM me. 🤤🤤

"Would you do an extended bondage roleplay scene with me where I get to tie you up and have my way with you?" -BondageBro

[blissfulscruff]: I admittedly don't have much bondage experience, so give me some things to expect and let's go from there! Sounds super hot, though. 😇😏

[BondageBro]: I’d start by creeping up behind you. One hand over your mouth so you can’t scream and the other arm across your chest. You’d struggle, but wouldn’t be able to overpower me as I dragged you towards the cock already throbbing up against you.

[blissfulscruff]: Fuck. Would you put your throbbing cock head in my ass crack and hold me tight? Dominate me? What if I resist? Gonna force me sir? 😏

[BondageBro]: I want you to resist. I want you to call for help and moan behind your gag. It’ll make my cock throb and twitch and long for you.

[blissfulscruff]: I wanna feel your throbbing cock pulse against my hole as you tease my nipples. 🤤

“When can we meet so I can play with your nipples?”

Please! I want to meet someone to make out with, cuddle, and get my nips licked so bad! DM me.

"Did you have a jerk off buddy growing up? I wished we could’ve been childhood friends. I would have jerked off with you all the time"

I wish! That's something I always wanted - A buddy or bro to touch myself with and explore each other's bodies hehe. That would've been so hot. Two horny bros getting off together. 

"How often did you jerk off when you were a kid? How often do you jerk off now as an adult? You’re so damn hot!"

Oh my goodness. As a horny boy, probably three to five times a day, easily. Any time I would get a boner, I'd touch it. In class, in the bathroom at school, in the shower - anywhere I could really. Now, I jerk off usually once a day, sometimes up to three times. It just depends. I'm glad you think I'm hot. 😎

"You ever been in a communal public shower? If yes, when was the first time and were you nervous or anything?"

Sadly, no. This is a mega turn-on though, and I can't imagine what that would be like because I'd be super horny. gah that's hot. My thick cock getting hard around other guys. 😈

"Does answering these questions make you hard and horny? I’m hard just from typing and asking you this question lol."

Insanely horny. It's hot to think about past experiences and what turns me on. I love reading and responding to these.

"Could you tell us more about your first sexual experience with a boy? What happened and what lead up to it?"

I think I met the guy online, and then we started having phone sex together, and after a while we met in a movie theater and I started touching his cock. He wanted to go further but I was super nervous. It excited me to do stuff with a guy, but also made me super nervous haha. I was so inexperienced! I was also super young. 🙈

“Will you drain a load from me every morning?”

This sounds super hot. You gonna wake me up with your cock in my mouth? Let me lick your balls too? 🤤🤤🤤

“What's the biggest cock you've ever taken?”

Taken as in bottomed? Well length and girth-wise, I've bottomed for two very girthy and long cocks -- right around 9 inches I'd say in length, and we're talking hefty girth. I have had the privilege of sucking some really big cocks - anywhere between 9 and 11 inches. Fuck I love cocks so much hehe.

“Do you like being a bottom more than a top?”

Haha, every gay man’s first question it seems. The answer is: not necessarily, but it’s complicated.

Do I like sucking cock and eating ass more than topping or bottoming? Yes. Very much. I’m great at it, I know what I’m doing, and feel confident in giving a great experience each time.

When it comes to bottoming, if we’re being real, I enjoy it best ass-up on all fours. It’s the most comfortable position for me, and frankly, allows me to bounce my big ass around a nice cock. 😈 I don’t bottom often, though. It usually has to be with someone I trust, and I want to be well prepared in advance. 

When it comes to topping, I do enjoy it and definitely still top from time to time. It can be a bit of a struggle, though. I have performance anxiety, and some nerve damage from a spinal surgery I had. I can top — it’s super hot and I love being inside someone, but to top I need patience to work up to it. This usually means trying different positions, lots of foreplay, making out, my nips being licked, etc. This is why I usually bottom or stick to sucking, because my sexual gratification comes from getting someone off, and if I’m taking too long, the performance anxiety builds. 😬 I love asses and love being inside ‘em, just need a patient bottom. 😅

Aside: Very rarely do I like my dick sucked. I know that might be a buzzkill for some guys who want to suck me. Don’t get me wrong; you can, but don’t expect me to cum from it. This is another one of those nerve damage things from my spinal surgery, and has nothing to do with your technique. 😇

For best results: Stick to making out with me and licking/sucking on my nips. They’re the most sensitive part of my body by far (so no biting), and it’s a sure fire way to get me to cum. 🤤💦

"Any local Austin news personalities you find sexy??"

Hehe. Definitely HW at the ABC affiliate. 🙈😅

"Why are you so hot?"

What about me is hot to you? 😊

"Would you fuck a guy who has a boyfriend and keep his secret?"

This is a “yes or no” question for many, and I want to start out by saying that I respect each viewpoint. When I read the question, I immediately think sexual liberation versus moral obligation. I don’t want to negate or ostracize either viewpoint, because I think both are important. I can only answer honestly on what my experience has been in my personal life. 

First, I have been cheated on. It sucks. There’s lots of emotional energy that is expelled over a long period of time, when the alternative could have been an honest termination of one sexual or emotional relationship to begin another. 

Removing physical and sexual intimacy, if the question was, “Would you engage in flirtation or explore emotional intimacy with a guy who has a boyfriend and keep it a secret?,” the answer from me is an unequivocal no. My view is that emotional/non-physical intimacy that is explored whilst in a relationship is dangerous, toxic, and unfair to all parties; perhaps even more than sexual infidelity.

Now, back to the original question.

Sex is complicated, and sexual desire and honesty in sex are nuances that don’t get discussed enough. The fact that the question is phrased in a manner that suggests the need for this to remain secret carries a lot of weight. Obviously this isn’t an open relationship, and perhaps the guy who wants to fuck outside his relationship isn't getting something from his partner or their interactions, or just wants something different.

Here’s my experience with sex outside a closed/monogamous relationship:

I share these two points to help you understand where I’m at on this question. I would engage with sexual intimacy with someone in a relationship, so long as:

Thank you for asking a question I've spent a lot of time thinking about! I’m so sorry this became a huge block of text, but I hope it shows you where I’m at, and how I got here. I don't think that this is cut and dry, and I do think that this can get messy, so anyone in this situation should use their own moral compass and approach the situation carefully. 

Note: The points I've made above are based on my experience, and of course, there are different situations that have come up (threesomes, both partners expressing sexual interest separately, letting a partner explore something sexually, etc.) that may pose a different response. 

"Can I ride your face?"

Send butt pics asap, and sit down and let me eat that ass boy! 😋🤤😈

"Who is your biggest celebrity crush right now?"

The usual for me: Nick Jonas, Chris Evans.. but my absolute favorite is Taron Egerton. oof.

"Will you allow me to get on all fours and service you to completion having your seed in my mouth while I stand up and feed you mine then make out with me?"

Sure, but you're going to have to work on my nipples and make out with me a lot before I cum from getting sucked. 😋 I'm down though, sounds pretty fkn hot! 😎

"Pre-COVID, did you ever hook-up with any of your co-workers at work?"

Not where I work currently, though one of my co-workers did end up seeing me naked and sucking off one Aussie while I cuddled while another Aussie. 😇 In another job, I did suck, eat out, and fuck a co-worker in a conference room. 😈 We got caught though and it was super nerve-wracking. hah. Fun but dangerous!

"What was your favorite hookup?"

My favorite hookups have been the ones where I had an unexpected connection with someone, or ended up starting a friendship with someone. Those are truly the best. Sometimes they don't last forever, and sometimes you wish they'd last longer, but for that moment, they're fucking amazing. The kissing, the sucking, the fucking, the conversation. It just hits right. Grateful for the experiences that have opened up my eyes to new kinks, allowed me to explore new positions, and allowed vulnerability in.

"What is your type?"

I genuinely have a wide interest. As a bigger guy, I'm obviously fond of chasers and dudes who are thinner than me, because I think size differences are super hot. I also am a big fan of guys younger than me, because age difference is also a big turn on. (The idea of being dominated by a younger dude turns me on big time.) Thinner guys who are super smooth everywhere, but have a hairy bush or ass, turn me on big time. On the flip side, I very much appreciate fellow bears/cubs. Guys with beards, scruff, big pecs, big cocks, big balls, big arms, big thighs, big butts. You name it. The one type of guy who always seems to catch my eye are Gingers. woof. 🤤

"Have you ever done anything sexual in the gym shower?"

Nothing yet, but I'm open to it if the right circumstances happen. Public play can be super hot. Might need a buddy to join me, though. ;)

"Why are you so damn cute and sexy?!"

Thank you. I genuinely am just me, no better or worse than any other person. But I am truly grateful for the love. <3 and I'm glad you think I'm sexy. ;)

"Do you like having your balls sucked and played with daddy?"

They're super sensitive, but I like them licked and kissed. Kiss me all over. ;)

"What is your most comfortable sexual position which gives you most pleasure?"

On my back, with you on top of me, kissing me and rubbing/licking my nips, while I jerk off and feel your bod/belly/tummy on my cock. ;)

"Where are you originally from? Did you grow up in Texas?"

Born and raised. 🤠

"Can I meet up with you?"

Of course! I've actually met a few of my followers before. I can be SUPER shy at first, so please feel free to DM me / chat with me before you want to meet so we can get to know each other! :)

"When are you coming to Houston cuz I want puppy cuddles and cock"

It's been a while since I've been to Houston. DM me and let's see if I can make it work. Or come to Austin! :)

"Can I please play with your nipples and eat your ass? I'm younger than you and want to use you."

Yes, please. 🤤🤤🤤

"Do you like poppers? If so, what brand?"

I've really only used them a couple of times. I'm open to it, they just give me a headache after! :P

"How many times a week can you (comfortably) bottom?"

I don't bottom often, tbh. Takes a lot of planning and I like to make sure every thing is lights-camera-action ready! I would say as long as there's planning involved I could make it happen for a top who wanted it a lot! ;)

"Wanna come to Hawai'i and breed me?"

As long as I can spend some time there and you show me around, my cock is yours. ;)

"Do you prefer to suck cut or uncut cock?"

I genuinely appreciate cock in all forms, shapes, and sizes. :)

"Can we cuddle?"

I love cuddles, so yes!

"What's the story behind your first time?"

The first time with a guy I just wanted to experience it and honestly just wanted to get it over with. I was always clear-minded that my first time wouldn't necessarily be with someone I wanted to be with forever, so it was more about gaining experience. The first time with a girl was a long series of events that unfolded during middle school. Let's just say I'm as horny today as I was back then! :)

"What zodiac sign are you?"


"When we going to f*ck & cuddle?"

You know how to get a hold of me. 🐻

"Can I tie you up?"

Only if the plan is to kiss me, lick my nips, and edge me. 🤠😈

"How do you tell someone you had a sex dream about that you've only talked to once on twitter and you can't get it out of your head?"

You just tell em. Literally I’ve been pretty transparent to mutuals and sometimes it’s a hit and sometimes it’s a miss. But be your authentic self and take a chance. Must be a good dream. 😈💦